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  The most important question to ask of any violin instructor is where they learned to teach. Many teachers know they haven't been fortunate in taking Teacher Training courses so as to understand many very advanced techniques. The art of teaching is not only down to pleasing the student and making instruction fun, but in training the student in each correct technique in the correct order, so the student may develop properly. Each technique affects others, and to teach ones in the incorrect order can lead to a lack of understanding of each technique, bad habits and an inability to advance properly.

  Unlike most violin or viola teachers, I do not support the philosophy, "Why teach someone in 6 months what you could take 6 years to cover?" Most students find that with me as their teacher, they learn from 6 to 8 times faster and more accurately than with any other teacher they have ever gone to before, although all students progress at a speed or pace reliant on their efforts and hard work. I believe that my teaching should show results within a short period of time, as a student well taught within a short time is my best recommendation.

  One student commented to me, "I noticed when you teach me, you bring out my natural abilities and skills when showing me how to approach a passage of music, whereas most teachers I've gone to in the past would just lecture me about what I should do, even when what they said was not suited to my style of playing." I taught this student more violin techniques than any other teacher knew existed! This is why many students have said that outside of London, I was the only teacher capable of really helping them to progress as rapidly they should.

  I have taken students who have switched from one teacher to another in a desperate attempt to learn new repertoire, as most "teachers" outside of London are not capable of teaching a student past grade 8, let alone past the Diploma level. There are many teachers who charge twice what I do just because they belonged as a substitute in a professional orchestra. Yet I have belonged to 4 professional orchestras over many years in leading roles, including professional training orchestras. Yet my rates are among the most inexpensive, as I not only wish for my rates to be competitive, but because I wish to really offer great value for reasonable fees.

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