Violin and Viola Tuition in Bristol

Why Study With Don Leonardo?

7 Reasons Why, See CV on Tuition & More page:

1. Don trained with 3 training orchestras at the Juilliard School of Music; the Repertoire Orchestra, the Theatre Orchestra and the Concert Orchestra During this time Don belonged to the National Orchestral Training Orchestra, followed with appointments with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Orchestra, Kansas City Philharmonic and as the Lead Principle Violist with the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra, over a span of 10+ years. So he is qualified to assist in this sort of work.

2. Don had 8 years of training in teaching students of all ages from beginners to advanced, the first 4 with Stuart Canin (a former Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony) who was also a long-term student of Ivan Galamian (a former Head Teacher at the Juilliard School of Music). Most violin or viola "teachers" today have never had one lesson in how techniques should be taught or in what order, and this is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to sign up for Teacher Training so as to learn techniques passed down from the best!

3. Don studied the violin and viola from the best in the world. He worked in concert with Yehudi Menuhin, Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman among others. He later worked alongside Rolph Persinger in the San Francisco Symphony, the son of Louis Persinger, one of Yehudi Menuhin's violin teachers. Does your teacher have this impressive a background?

4. Don's experiences with many world renowned musicians, along with having benefited with some tutelage at an early age with Mischa Elman (the former student of Professor Leopold Auer), makes Don capable of teaching techniques and musicianship practiced by the world's most renowned musical celebrities. Wouldn't this be beneficial to you?

5. Don has had many years of experience in chamber music with notable peers and with top teachers & musicians. Having worked closely with such notables, Don can offer far more valuable training in the art of performance, teaching and musicianship than most teachers today.

6. Unlike most "teachers", Don does not lecture students but rather works closely with the natural abilities of the student, so as to help them develop their natural talent and skills. When a student asks Don a question about technique or musicianship, Don is capable of drawing from his vast resource of experience and knowledge so as to give many reasons for various techniques, how they affect other techniques, and how this affects musicianship as well. Most "teachers" just say, "Ah, well, that's just the way it's done", because they really don't understand how to answer questions put their way. Don welcomes students who ask a lot of questions, as he can help them.

7. Upon looking through Don´s CV, it is obvious from his experience and background that he has had decades of important training and experience. Most "teachers" today are not even as old as the number of years Don has been in the business of training students. How many "teachers" do you know with this number of years of experience, knowledge and training with such former colleagues and associates, this sort of background training in performing and teaching techniques, or are capable of helping students to this degree?!